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Mompreneur/Home Business Owner

Candice Trahan

The Network Marketing industry is becoming the way of the world in today’s society, It definitely allows you to work smarter and not harder while balancing both family and career. I have been given the opportunity to work directly with a fantastic leader in the industry named Michelle Shipp! Working with Michelle has been such an honor and pleasure for me in my home business! I have learned so much from her from social media, online marketing and lead generation. Her coaching has helped me tremendously as I am fairly new to the industry but wanted to begin building this business for my family right from home. She has the patience of a saint I would best say, because of the biggest introvert that I am, she is very patient with me in business practices. An old adage is that you need to find the diamond in the sea, well Michelle is your diamond and will assist coaching you to gain the skills as a diamond as well! Truly feel honored and amazed to have her as my coach and mentor!

Mompreneur/Health & Wellness Expert

Sarah Harris

Michelle has been a tremendous inspiration to me since I met her. During her coaching, she has always been a source of inspiration and resourceful in home business and Network Marketing practices. For my current home business, I quickly grew a large team through her coaching tips and continue to look to her for mentoring. Some things that I have learned from Michelle are prospecting, marketing, and time management. She also always encouraged me to be consistent and persistent in working my business. Equally important is to approach my business with a positive mindset, because 80% of our success depends on what we believe. Thank you Michelle, for being the mentor and coach I need and for helping me realize my truest potential.

Home Business Owner/Network Marketing

Carla Thornton

Michelle Shipp has been an incredible inspiration to me regarding my home business. I have been working my business part-time for 3 years building it up alongside my FT job. Since the beginning, I have struggled trying to find someone to model and empower me and my ability to achieve results. I haven’t found a lot of individuals who are as caring, humble, or more empowering than Michelle. She had helped me in key areas such as developing leadership skills, social media training, online marketing and prospecting. I plan to continue to follow and attend training with Michelle because she is an individual who truly cares about YOUR success! If you’re looking for someone to inspire you yet at the same time having someone in your corner, you should connect with her. She has truly been an amazing coach that has guided many others and myself toward greater success.

Lady Boss/Health & Wellness Home Business Owner
Regina Ackley
Michelle Shipp has been an great inspiration to me regarding my home based business. I have been working my business full time and have learned tremendously through her coaching and mentorship. I have struggled trying to find someone to empower me and to help me gain strategies to build my income. 
She has helped me in areas such as social media training, branding, online marketing and how to communicate with potential customers. She also helped me build my confidence and mindset toward my personal and professional life. I plan to continue to follow Michelle and all of her training’s and webinars.
If you’re looking for someone to inspire you, you should connect with her. She has truly been an amazing coach that has helped many female entrepreneurs including myself. Every time I attend her training’s, I feel more confident,I feel more empowered, stronger more than ever! I can FINALLY say that I feel like my business is moving forward because of Michelle’s coaching and I can face things in life more positively.