Michelle Shipp

Hey there and welcome to my humble abode. My name is Michelle Shipp, busy wife and mother to 4 beautiful, smart girls ages 4-13. They are my reason WHY I work from home and my everything! I am beyond grateful for this phenomenal opportunity to work from home ever since 2012. The home based career search didn’t come easy however, as I had to dig through lots of junk before finding this hidden gem. My mission every day is to help educate woman and MOMS like myself who are struggling with balancing their career and home life, that there IS a better way!

Through my work as a Mompreneur and Network Marketing Coach, I have the opportunity to help make a positive impact with other moms as this opportunity has afforded me TIME and FINANCIAL FREEDOM for my families life. Its humbling knowing that I have finally found the vehicle to move my family in the right direction that we deserve. The beautiful thing is that I am able to build this business right from home, on my own time, reporting to no one but myself.

After being laid off and dealing with competitive countless interviews, I knew that I no longer wanted to be just an employee again because standard jobs are not as “secure” as we think. Jobs can pulled away at a moments notice and I did not want to become a victim of that again…that was my leap of faith! As a mother of four, my beautiful children deserve to be raised in a secure environment where they can flourish and be proud of their parents success while being their most influential role model. I am thankful to have sought out a home based position going against the grain of society’s norm so that I can be front and center each day for them.

There is a WHOLE lot more to life than just working 9-5, and most of your salary for others to raise your kids, and missing out on cherished childhood moments. All I had was a dream to and vision of, living a life with purpose and serving others through my talents and knowledge. This amazing career provides that and so much more!

My team provides a supportive environment to learn, to grow and to gain. Over the past years I have built up and coached a committed team, and served many with services in the Network Marketing industry. Along the way, I have moved up in rank several times, hit Millennium Club, earned the TOP Producers cruise to the Bahamas, solid Centennial Club Member, and Top Producer! My mentors and coaches that I have worked with during the years, have all been instrumental in my success in my business.

I truly have found my home as a “Mompreneur” and most recently was awarded the opportunity to expand my skill sets and to better serve my following as a Network Marketing Business Coach and Mentor other Mompreneurs in a home business to help them build a powerful Personal Brand and Profitable business as well. I truly love working closely both with my team and my Coaching clients as I feel this opportunity aligns with my soul and core purpose of serving others. Best of all, this is all done from home as I raise my growing family.
“Birds of a feather flock together” and when your environment is filled with greatness, its amazing all of the greatness that gets pulled from within side you. I am looking forward to the very bright future ahead while helping more Moms obtain the same success and beyond.

If I can do this, you can as well.  It first just starts off with the sincere decision. Ladies…is it YOUR time to step into your greatness and make incredible breakthroughs in your career?  Let’s connect!  

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and I am looking forward to getting to know you more as well.  Drop me a message over on my “Contact” page and let me know how I can add value to YOU, your LIFE and your HOME BUSINESS. Talk soon!