How TIME Relates to Success In a Network Marketing Business

When you are building a home business in Network Marketing, many forget that it is just like building a traditional business outside of the home.  It requires TIME in order for it to grow.  Time is essential in order to hit goals that the home business owner is seeking.  Unfortunately some newer Network Marketers come into the business with unrealistic expectations with thoughts that their business will sky rocket within just a matter of weeks.  However, time is of essence and required in order to grow and gain the skills necessary to carry out the role of a successful home business owner.

I have even witnessed some Network Marketers who get started to “test” the waters and see if it really “works”.  They make the decision to get started, but they do not have long term commitment intentions and instead just “try it out” and if they don’t see results in a few weeks or months, they quit.  That is NOT enough time to really grown a strong, solid business however.  The few who do get started with success straight away, have usually has some type of home business experience previously or have entered the company with a strong warm market or family to help them build rather quickly.

In order to properly evaluate your business and goals that are set out, I believe those analytics should be evaluated at the one year – three year mark.  That should provide a better evaluation if the business is “working”.  Its fair to ONLY evaluate if you truly applied yourself in those first years with diligent, consistent effort because everyone doesn’t start off with those strong ethics.  Some get started with simply treating their business more so like a hobby instead of a business.  With that effort, only hobby income is generated instead of the business income.

Skills need to be acquired at first, loads of personal development, leadership skills, proper marketing, and prospecting is just a few of the things that need to be mastered.  Give yourself ample time to make your business grow, planting the seeds one by one each and every day. As you learn, grow, teach, and lead your team, you will begin building your foundation. One of the beautiful things about this industry is that while you are building your foundation, you can also EARN while you are LEARNING.  Your residual, passive income starts to form and take shape while you are in the initial phases of your business.  This ultimately means that you CAN make profit right out the gate and begin building toward your future.

In the video below, I talk about how TIME is essential with growing your business.  We need to focus on the daily activities consistently for at least a years time to truly witness some results with your business.  I hope you find this video of value and please share this blog post with your team or anyone that you feel this will help.

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