How to Gain More Interest from Your Prospects

Have you ever been in a situation where you feel that you should be gaining more leads, but stuck on figuring out the reason WHY leads have been a minimum?  In addition, if you are new and considering a home business, you may be ALSO thinking about just HOW am I going to gain leads who are interested and open to learning more about my business opportunity, product and service.  Well today, this blog post will help you understand WHY your not gaining leads and some insight as to the best way to correct this.

Most people who have a home business in Network Marketing industry focus on promoting their company product/service and opportunity ONLY.  They focus on promoting all the features big and small such as length of time in business, how fast the company is growing, all the many people they serve, unique features/ingredients etc. These facts are all wonderful but its not where we should be leading when promoting.

To bring your business to another level, you should STOP just talking about what the company/product/service IS and INSTEAD start sharing about what is DOES! (this is the correct method, instead of the sentence that was reversed in the video).  While promoting the BENEFITS be sure to brand yourself with sharing HOW the opportunity has helped allow you to do ________(fill in the blank).

We have to keep in mind exactly WHAT the prospects are thinking while you are marketing, prospecting etc.  They are ultimately thinking about “Whats in it for me”?  Most prospects will not care as much about the other details and that information will not be stored in their mind longterm.  They mostly care about you providing a solution to their problem, how their life will be different compared to how it is now, and how the conversation made them FEEL.

Because we know what prospects are thinking, this helps us craft an ad or create a presentation around that one question…”what is in it for me”?  Since this is the target, we should focus on sharing the benefits to educate them and help them understand how this can help them and provide solution.

Some solutions from your business opportunity/product/service is:

  • Flexibility in lifestyle/schedule

  • More Income and Savings

  • Opportunity for more vacation time

  • Slimmer Body

  • Healthier Lifestyle

  • Better & Stronger Personal relationships

  • Independence

By sharing the BENEFITS vs just sharing the FEATURES both in your marketing and with prospecting, it will help all entrepreneurs in any niche ultimately.  This will help you convert leads and make more profits in your business.

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