How to Overcome the Shiny Object Syndrome

Over the years in working in a home business, I have witnessed many individuals who get sucked into this thing called the “shiny object syndrome”.  You may be thinking “well, what is the shiny object syndrome?”  This is when a home business owner is not fully committed and focused to their sole business and they begin to start looking elsewhere for other things that may help them build their business.

 There are many reasons why someone may look elsewhere.  One could be they are not getting results as they imagined with their current business.  Another reason may be they  are questioning their product/service and if they find it valuable. They may be thinking they can get quicker, better results in another opportunity, and the list goes on!

To avoid this temptation, you really need to dig deep and identify what is your vision?  Where are you going?  Why are you going there? This is VERY powerful when you have full focus and understanding of this.  I was once reading a book by Jon Gordon who said “Living life without a goal, purpose and vision is like driving from NYC to California on one tank of gas.  You will be running on empty before you know it!  However, if you KNOW your reason WHY, its like having multiple gas stations along the way where you can recharge and refuel in order to keep moving toward your destination.   You may face challenges and bumps in the road, but your reason WHY is greater than your challenges.  You become unstoppable!”

My question for you is:

What is your goal and reason WHY you chose your current business?

How do you want to design your life? Do you want more family time, vacation/leisure time, nest egg for retirement, pay off debt, buy your dream home or car?

What are you working towards…???

You have to identify that straight away when getting started and understand that it is okay to tweak the goal a little as time goes on.

If we do choose to be lured into the shiny object syndrome, we have to be mindful because there is lots of “things” out there, good…bad… and in between.  Some “things” may simply just distract you from what you are working toward.  However, if you make the leap and decide to venture into something new, be sure its in line with your end goals.  Your desired marketing method, passion for product/service etc.

I believe many believe that all home businesses in Network Marketing, have similar income producing activities that is necessary in order to grow the business. Every business is a build and time is required to achieve some results. They all work, if you work them consistently and are persistent. You just have to stay in the game long enough to reap the rewards that you will gain if you stay the course.

In this video below I dig deeper into this topic and also discuss “big money” promises up front and how many have achieved that “instant success”.  I also discuss what to think about before making that big leap into another opportunity.

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