How to Stay Motivated

As an entrepreneur, it is common to sometimes feel “unmotivated” to work your business consistently.  This is a completely normal feeling and you may find yourself working hard one day and then not the next.  Over the years, I have learned that highly successful people do not actually “WAIT” for motivation to kick in.  Instead, they push themselves into action, each day and then over time, they begin to “feel” motivated. It is in the doing that motivation appears.  When the work is done consistently over time taking action is how motivation appears.  So make the time to work your home business and will yourself into activity.

First step is to get over how you are feeling and just do it, like NIKE. We must program our mind as successful people think and act. Successful people don’t make excuses as to why they cant do the work at hand.  Failures and those without drive or a strong reason WHY, only make those excuses.  Your commitment to your work, will keep you in consistent activity mode gaining results.

When prospecting, you may find people excited to get started in your business opportunity. But over time that excitement may subside and they become less enthusiastic. But we cannot let emotions dictate our activity and productivity however. There are two great concepts that I learned named “disciplining our emotions” and “mind over mattress.  Those are phrases that I learned which means you get up and you SHOW UP each day and just CRUSH IT regardless of how you feel.  The reason is because your everyday “feelings” are not going to yield you result that you want and deserve.  Its the discipline and your 100% presence everyday is what is going to help you and your business grow.

Action tip: Focus on your TO DO list starting with your Income Producing Activities. For the Network Marketing professional, it will be Marketing and Prospecting each day.

My challenge for you is to look closely at your weekly TO DO list and analyze it.  Are the first few tasks written down, tasks that will bring you closer to your business goals or are those tasks way down at the bottom of the list?  Next, look in the mirror and tell that person looking back at you, that you have what it takes to be motivated each day and just make it happen!

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