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Are you looking to partner in my home based Network Marketing business? Looking to become your own independent entrepreneur and build alongside your family? You’ve come to the right place! There are several key ingredients to making a network marketing company successful, and I’m proud to claim a 10/10 across the whole board…This is JUST the beginning and I am SO excited for your future. Click the button below and lets get started with your journey…

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Victoria Garcia

I am so blessed and thankful for Michelle as my Coach and Business partner. As an 8 year US Army Veteran, I started my home business with NO social media marketing skills.  I was so confused that I didn’t even know what “Twitter” was and just thought it was a bird outside the window. I was completely coachable and had determination to learn how to work my home business properly.  Through online training and her direct coaching, it provided me with the fundamentals needed to succeed working from home. She was always there to support me and walk right along with me.  She never did it for me, as that would not be effective with teaching me, but she encouraged me, helped me dig deep looking into who I REALLY am and challenged me to get out of my comfort zone – step by step.  So, I took her coaching and went full force as now I feel unstoppable!  She is the kind of Coach and partner that most need in order to master our mindset, and business skills to accomplish goals in our career and life


Nicole Grimes

My experience with Michelle Shipp has been amazing. She is an awesome person, business partner and friend. To be a busy mother of 4 with a husband and still have the time to coach and lead me and her team to success in business is nothing short of a miracle.  During my journey as a Entrepreneur and busy Mom and wife as well, there were some bumps in the road and Michelle has been able to help me navigate through them and get back on track. Michelle is a no nonsense type of coach who tells you the truth but in a loving way. I am honored to be not only apart of her team but to have a coach who truly cares and looks out for your best interest.  She is one of the main reasons that I keep moving forward and continue to grow in my business.  What an amazing role model and leader. I am truly thankful for her.