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  • To be fully supported in your home business journey with a Coach completed invested into YOU. Holding you accountable for what you TRULY want to manifest today?
  • To continually pour into yourself gaining the confidence, knowledge and proven strategies to help you rank advance and develop a rock solid residual income from home?
  • To collectively mastermind with a group of like-minded, passionate female entrepreneurs helping to support your growth, clarity, while using your brand to attract more leads that convert.


The game-changing Mastermind experience has proven to help you create a THRIVING and rock solid residual income business that you WANT, NEED, and DESERVE.  Are you Ready?

As I was launching my first business back in 2012, I felt a desperate need to learn it all as I had ZERO experience in building a home business. I started in the home business space as a stay at home mom, laid off from corporate America job with a newborn, two-year-old, 6 and 8. I just HAD to make it work as my family needed the support and I did not want to return to working for an employer again.

I always made the choice to fully invest in my skill set and knowledge and then turn around and train my team and clients. I have invested both time and money into TONS of training courses, books, events, coaches and more to help me RANK UP and promote to the top level in my Network Marketing business. Lots of determination, growth and hustle for sure! All of this done from home while raising my four daughters. I have NEVER stopped believing in my goals and kept focused on my reason WHY…this has contributed to my success.

That’s why I created this exclusive Mastermind Coaching group, a comprehensive mastermind to help women who were just like me. A mastermind to help you level UP and create the income, freedom and lifestyle that you and your family deserve. This program is for the female entrepreneurs who have a burning passion for growing their home business, but can’t quite figure out how to put the pieces together and build an organization with leverage.


This group Mastermind is packed with amazing content:

  • 12 weekly LIVE Group Coaching calls with the entire group of Mastermind sisters
  • One 45 min Kick off call scheduled as well during the 12 week period for a one to one coaching session and to answer questions.
  • Access to my brand new courses: 3 Module Personal Branding Course and my Profit Generator course
  • Access to Bonus Content on Leadership, Duplication and Productivity Powerhouse as a Mompreneur.
  • Access to exclusive Facebook Group Community for daily check in/accountability.
  • Social media Business Profile Review & Feedback for One Platform.
My personal experience in regards to Michelle Shipp's Mastermind Class was extraordinary! I learned so much in regards to my home-base business. I learned how to implement Personal Branding, Attraction Marketing, and Social Media Strategies into my Network Marketing home business. This is priceless to me when it comes to entrepreneurship! I also gained remarkable Leadership tips to better help my team, advanced marketing strategies, and hands-down amazing Mindset tips and nuggets! I will definitely be taking more courses and training classes that Michelle Shipp has to offer in the near future! She is an amazing Leader, Coach, Friend, and Business Associate and I'm truly blessed and grateful that I have the honor in knowing her!
I first met Michelle Shipp last summer at a Network Marketing conference we were attending with other colleagues. She was a dynamic public speaker and very knowledgeable in the Network Marketing industry. She moved up the ranks in her home-based business through the knowledge and skills she had acquired over the past several years. I then had the privilege to work with her in her Rank UP Group Coaching Mastermind and have her as my mentor and coach in my home-based business, along side other awesome Mompreneur/Lady Bosses. The group became like family to me. She trained us on Advanced Leadership skills so that we can promote in our business. She also trained us how to use Social Media to grow leads and do online marketing. She also was very helpful with getting me out of my shell and into attraction marketing and learning what to say to prospects. She also trained all the women on building Mindset and encouraged us to ‘think outside the box’ with positive mindset and daily affirmations. She also emphasizes living our lives through abundance and gratitude, by not only celebrating our BIG wins but our SMALL wins as well. Michelle genuinely cares about people and their success in all aspects of their life and I am truly blessed to know her and have her on my journey in my home-based business success.
Laura Robinson