3 Leadership Skills to Acquire

There are 3 top skills to acquire as a leader in Network Marketing. We must master these 3 skills in order to become wildly successful.

Skill 1: Communication Skills. In this industry, we are speaking with people each day, having multiple conversations. It is critical to master excellent communications skills in order to build relationships with others. We must learn the psychology of having a conversation, where you are speaking WITH prospects and not AT the prospects. With demonstrating great communication skills, you are able to lead conversations and plan a map as to where the conversation will go. We must also learn to ask qualifying questions to our prospects in order to learn more about them and dig deep, getting to their core and understanding their intentions and motive.

Skill 2: Listening Skills: This is another critical skill to master. We have two ears and one mouth for a reason, so use it as it should be used. Be genuinely interested in what prospects share with you as you are repor building and qualifying them. As they respond and continue speaking with you, they WILL give you direct and some non verbal clues as to their whole reason WHY they are seeking out your business opportunity, product and/or service. You will be able to identify their pain, problems in order to provide solutions. By become a great listener, you can better serve your prospect and educate them with the best options for them.  Remember, Network Marketing home businesses are created to SERVE others and its all about your prospects needs.

Skill 3: Story telling. This is very important, especially if you are seeking to inspire others. Very successful people use storytelling frequently in their conversations.  This is used often, in order to get their points across in a non direct way. In this industry, we have to learn to tell a story and bring someone along a journey, similar to story telling with children.  Children are intrigued by stories and it draws them into the picture and it becomes vivid in their imagination.

As a new home business owner, you may not FEEL that you have a story YET. I completely understand as I felt the same when I was brand new. I recall when I was invited to a nationwide team meeting by one of my teams National Vice Presidents. I was so nervous and knew I was going to have to share “my story” that I just didn’t have as I was still pretty new and felt I was still learning the ropes. I am grateful that my mentor reassured me that I actually DO have a story and it begins before I started my home business. I was to share my experiences and my journey that lead me to where I was that day. I then, took a leap and swallowed my fear and just continued on to join the conference call…SO thankful that I did as that call inspired many thereafter!

Storytelling helps with making connections with  others. Many will relate with your story or know of someone in a similar situation. If you feel your story is not very impactful, you should still share as you don’t know just WHO will be listening and maybe just pick up one thing that really hits home for that prospect that can be life changing. Also, its important to share your teammates stories as well with others to hear a variety of different lifestyles and how they went from point A to point B in their life, their obstacles and their successes. This is an important skill when prospecting as we all know that stories SELL and fact only TELL.

I hope these three skills serve you with becoming a stronger leader in your home business! Please comment below and share this post on social media above. Until next time!

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