Simple Concept to Help You Sponsor New Business Partners

Do you feel like you are hitting a major road block and not able to sponsor new business partners into your home business?  Today I will share with you a simple concept that I learned to help me with sponsoring more partners while gaining more momentum.

The concept is: “People don’t join COMPANIES, but instead they join other PEOPLE”.  This is often misunderstood as people usually focus on just selling their company’s products, services and opportunity and many leave the actual person promoting the opportunity out of the equation, which is YOU! What I have found is that, when you focus on selling yourself and YOUR OWN brand, your value and your insights, you will begin to gain more confidence and attract others to you.  Demonstrate your own skills and value by providing great content and tips, your prospects will benefit from.  This skill set will separate you from the masses and from others in your company, as you become authentic.  Your prospects will then begin to respect you and trust you as an authority figure in the niche.

To begin branding yourself, you can begin to engage in passive marketing which is a great way to gain leads.  If you are great at writing, focus on doing blog posts,  daily reflections from a book, or articles.  If you like to do videos, go jump on Facebook, Youtube etc and post a quick valuable video to serve your audience.   Within your content, feel free to follow the method called “I.L.T.”  Invest Learn Teach.  This brings your followers along your journey as you learn new skills and take away’s during your career as an Entrepreneur.

Keep in touch with your network, both warm and cold market.  Be interested in their lifestyle and what they are about.  This shows them that you are not just about YOUR BUSINESS all the time and always seeking a way to get into their wallet.

When you show prospects that you real and that you care, they begin to care about you and what you have to say.

Honesty and compassion will bring you further along in your pathway toward greater success in your home business.

Do not be afraid to showcase to the world and your prospects that you have something great to share.  Demonstrate your value and how you can lead them toward success through your mentorship and also by your teams support. One of the things I love about this industry is that, even though we work FOR ourselves, we are never BY yourself.  Very grateful for that fact!

My final advice for is is to stop hiding behind your companies business opportunity…its branded images, products and services.  Highlight YOUR value, your skillset and know that you have the ability to attract and sponsor more people to you who are ready and eager to become a sponge and follow your lead to success!

Lets go make it happen!

Hope that was helpful!  If so, please do share on all social media by clicking the share button above. Please comment below your thoughts as well. See you next time!

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