The Popcorn Effect and Your Home Business

You may be thinking…what is the relationship between popcorn AND your home business.  Well this is an analogy that I learned on the journey on entrepreneurship and how the process of microwaving popcorn closely connects with the process of growing a home business.

Everyone knows that home businesses do not build by themselves.  It does take time, effort and persistent massive action to obtain outstanding results.   The smartest way to grow is to work in small bursts of energy consistently throughout the year. Other known as “Blitz” phases of an intense 30, 60, 0r 90 day game plan.   Where most people fall short is that they don’t work consistently and only work when they feel like it.  Now how does this relate to popcorn?

A bag of microwave popcorn has kernels inside ready to pop once cooked.  It normally takes about a full 3 minutes to cook the popcorn, but what happens during the process?  The first minute as it sits on the plate spinning in circles, it doesn’t do much of anything.  The second minute things are starting to peculate a bit more and a little more activity you can see and hear.  The third minutes, everything starts exploding and you hear lots of activity, noise and loud popping everywhere. So the point is that it took a CONTINUOUS 3 minutes for the microwave to cook the popcorn for the kernels to pop and for major activity.

The whole time, the microwave didn’t give up or give in when nothing was happening in the first minute and not even in the second minute.  The microwave stayed consistently hard working with the same continuous power throughout the full 3 minutes.  The microwave didn’t even have to exert more energy or work hard at the second or third minute because it build up momentum slowly peculating the kernels consistently to eventually explode!

In your business, you have to be giving it a consistent power of energy.  Push for a full 30,60, or 90 days of intense effort to get great results.

As a business owner, we cannot get upset when our popcorn is not popping in huge amounts in the first minute and then complain to everyone and state and you are quitting.  After a quick unexpected enrollment you get a little fire back into you and then at the next situation that you are rejected you stop working again, taking your popcorn back OUT of the microwave.  Then suddenly you feel motivated again so you randomly attend a team conference meeting which gets you fired up again driving you to SOME activity but not enough to give great results.

The problem is that you were not consistent and you keep taking your popcorn in and out of the microwave.  The lesson to be learned is that in order to yield results you have to KEEP the popcorn in the microwave keeping a steady, consistent energy and power to produce extraordinary results.

Stay in action, my friend for a full 90 days and stick WITH yourself.  I can promise you that you will see yourself and your business explode at that point. Game ON!

Was that helpful? If so, I would greatly appreciate if you commented below and feel free to share it with anyone who might benefit.  Keep popping!

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