Two Tips to Help You Reach Your Next Promotion

As a busy Entrepreneur in the Network Marketing space, I am sure many strive to reach new rank levels over the progression of their career. The question is..HOW can you advance quicker and what is needed to move up to that new level?   I will share two tips to help you make that transition.

First,  visualization of the end goal is critical in the achievement if you want it to happen.  You must visualize the complete journey as well and the steps needed to get there.  Think about how much volume is required, how many people you must sponsor and enroll.  How many business partners must I mentor and develop? How many presentations do I need to have?  You must be detailed as if you were writing a story with vivid descriptions. Also with visualization comes feelings and emotions. We have to get into the space of “feeling” and thinking about HOW you will feel when you finally arrive to that destination.  What does it look like, who do you see with you?

Next, you must acquire some skills that will help you along toward reaching your next rank level.  This may require investing into yourself with personal development such as reading books on leadership and mindset.  One of my favorite books is “Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.  It was one of my first books that I read upon starting my home business.  It was definitely an eye opener as it helped develop an abundance mindset when it comes to money and greatness inside of you.  Other books I recommend is “Motivation Manifesto“, by Brendon Burchard which is an excellent motivation and character building book.  As they say, “Leaders are READERS” and if you are serious about moving up in rank, reading lots of books even just listening via Audible is great as well if you are a busy mother like myself.

Mindset conditioning is not only important in moving into your next rank but also skill based training may be required in order to master basic skills to build your business.  You must gain mastery in skills like Marketing and Prospecting in order to help with enrolling business.  Some may consider investing into hiring a private Mentor/Coach for daily accountability as an added push to their next level as well.  These are all areas that is needed to help you with moving up in rank and becoming a stronger and more powerful leader.

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